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Um, wow. Thank you, God.

Thinking back on my trip down here, I realize that God answered some prayers. They were simple ones, but important to me. Like when I prayed that creepy people wouldn’t sit next to me. God send me a little girl, a friendly middle-aged woman, and the aforementioned Whitney. Leaving Dallas, I was really afraid I was too far back in the line to get on the bus. Scared that I’d have to spend that night there, I prayed that I’d make it. Immediately, this fellow traveler I’d loaned my phone to came up and told me where we were supposed to go to get on right away. God also answered my prayers for a seat to myself during the night so I could sleep. I would have understood if he’d had someone sit next to me because I felt really selfish asking for something like that, but somehow each night I had the maximum amount of room to spread out (still only enough for half a person, but you know…). Anyway, it’s really comforting to know that God was listening to me every little step of the way. That’s one of the things I love about traveling- there are soooo many opportunities to pray and see your prayers answered.

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