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Anonymity, I’ll never take you for granted again!

Today I became a part of the first graduates of Walla Walla University as I joined fifty others completing our field school of evangelist and church growth. It was a long graduation, but delightfully punctuated by performances from a really wonderfully talented group called the Asidors. Their music is beautiful and I believe they are true Christians in their hearts. I bought their CD.

Today while out and about we found some baby goats in a field. I picked one up and it licked my nose! That kid was so cute I wanted to take it home as my souvenir. Alas, I doubt I could successfully pull it off. Maybe I’ll just get a baby goat instead of a kitten.

Bugs have discovered me. I run but I can’t hide, and I scratch but I still itch. Argh!

I’m totally ready to be anonymous. We went to an absolutely beautiful garden today with rambutan, bananas, coconuts, and mangos growing. I tried to sneak away down a little path without anyone following me, but still it was only a couple seconds before I heard “Lydia, Lydia! Where are you, Lydia!” And when I came down to join the others, there were people there waiting, “Oh, Lydia, please let us take a picture with you!” Soon and very soon people whom I’ve never laid eyes on before will not know my name. I was very happy to see the Asidors signing autographs too, and when we had them sign our CD covers, I reminded myself how important it is to be kind and courteous to your fans.

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