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Last Day

It’s my last day to pack, and when I say “pack” I mean go through my stuff to see exactly what I will and will not be taking. I feel a sort of calm today. What’s going to happen will happen, what’s going to fit will fit. I’ve resorted to giving away for free the stuff that I had been trying to sell. I just gave away my vacuum cleaner, a shovel, a couple sets of curtains, and a fountain that I’ve always loved. Painful. Anyway, not all of the partings are so sorrowful. Those socks with the hole in them, for example, or a couple of the million pillowcases that I had.

I feel exhausted, and this road trip hasn’t even begun. The Boyfriend is arriving tonight though, and I think I’ll feel better once he’s here. Then I won’t be alone in the painful process of trying to fit my life in the trunk and backseat of an average-sized car. Speaking of the car, doesn’t it just make sense that it rains the day after I wash it?

A man wants my very small ladies wetsuit. I’m a little worried about that, but I’m not going to ask questions. I won’t ask to watch him try to fit into it either, but that would be hilarious. If there was a guy who was small enough to fit into a wetsuit that I couldn’t fit into, he should win some kind of prize.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado I present: The Route. We are planning to leave Walla Walla and drive east…..

Oh man, I left this blog, forgetting I hadn’t finished it, and now I’m too exhausted to do so. The short story is that we’re driving through Montana, swooping down to Nebraska, and then zooming on up to Michigan.


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