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Riding Greyhound- Day 3

Last night I finally got so sick feeling and tired that I laid all our luggage down in the bus station and sprawled out across it. And I actually fell asleep. Around 1am we finally reboarded our bus. I was so thankful to be one of the few people on the bus without a seatmate. Unfortunately, my sister had someone sitting next to her, which made me feel really guilty. Still, I fell fast asleep for about four and half hours until a stop woke me. The woman sitting next to my sister moved to another seat, so she got to sleep some too, and I slept again for three hours. I’m currently in Boise, Idaho. When we were driving in, I looked around and saw how “northwest-ish” it looked and this powerful feeling of home swept over me. I felt happier than I ever believed I would to be close to Walla Walla again. Our bus is still about an hour and a half late, but we’re close now, so it almost doesn’t matter. Everyone looks happy and refreshed in this part of the country. I feel happy and refreshed. I met a woman who got on the bus in West Virginia, has been on for three days, and has to get back on Saturday.

There is seriously no limit to what might happen on Greyhound. A non-US citizen from, well, some other country, who speaks only Spanish was called off the bus along with a translator this morning. After a few minutes the bus driver came down the aisle, “Ok, which one of you jackasses stole this here man’s wallet? He’s not a citizen and all his papers are in there!” It came to light very quickly that the “jackass” had thrown the wallet down the toilet. A flashlight was found and the offending article was fished out and deposited in a plastic bag, after which items that had fallen out of the wallet were also fished out. Needless to say, much laughter and expressions of disbelief surrounded the event. It added to our hour and a half delay.

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Riding Greyhound- Day 2

Using the bathroom in the bus while the vehicle is in motion is not unlike trying to ride a mechanical bull. I hope my fellow passengers couldn’t hear my exclamations and proclamations as I struggled to maneuver in there. The second day of bus riding and fantasies of burritos are growing very strong. Every town we stop in hates vegetarians, as I haven’t been able to find a burrito without chicken, bacon, or beef. I’ve started going for my sister’s arm because it now looks like a burrito to me. If I don’t get a burrito at the next stop, I may loose my mind. After buying Wyoming postcards, I realize I already bought some on the way down. Probably the exact same ones. In Salt Lake City at 11:30 PM they tell us there will be a 1-2 hour delay.

First-timer: “Is the bus always like this?”
Us: “YES!”

My sister has decided she might as well wash her bangs in the sink. Meanwhile, a woman who’s been waiting here for six hours creates havoc among other innocently waiting passengers. The security guard hits on all the women.

Guard: Are these your carry-on bags?
Sis: Yeah.
Guard: You’re really hot!!
Sis: What…What?!
Guard (laughing hysterically): BET THAT WOKE YOU UP, DIDN’T IT!
Female passenger: What, we’re delayed two hours? Tell me you’re joking!
Guard: Yep, that’s right. Gives you plenty o’ time to spend with me! (wink, wink)

The information counter shuts down for the night. Some smokers get locked outside the station- hehe- and my sis chats up some short dark-haired dude. I just realized that I’m developing a fever… and a sore throat. Perfect.

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