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Impromptu Sermon Receives Rave Reviews

I had a wonderful Sabbath! After changing my mind several times, I ended up going to the town of Malandag, where our teammate Emmanuel preaches every night. On the way there, he was like, so do you know who is preaching at this church today? You are, they said. Oh, that’s funny! He replied, and started preparing his sermon. He ended up basically telling his personal story, and let me tell you, it was the best sermon I’ve heard in a long time. For about the last half of it I had to go to the bathroom really badly, but I stayed and waited it out because I didn’t want to miss anything!

Oh, and also I gave an unplanned talk up front. Ahem. We all did. Then I had to teach a Sabbath School of kindergarteners a new song all by myself. It wasn’t hard, though. They were soooooo cute! I got some video of them singing this song and it’s just adorable. If you saw it, you’d… you’d… probably say “Awwwwww!” just like I did. Also, my 100 peso offering in the kindergarten SS put them over their goal so they got to go for a plane ride or something? I don’t know what their goal was, but I was totally humbled that my $2 equivalent was able to push them over the mark.

I’m so proud of myself because I finally figured out a certain type of toilet. You have to pour water into it and everything goes down! I figured that out all by myself, cleverly clued in when the toilets at church had absolutely no flusher (but there was a trash can full of water sitting under a spigot). I hit my head going into that bathroom and going out of it. That was the second time. The first time I accidentally used the men’s. Well, they were exactly the same- how should I know?

This afternoon those of us who went to Malandag actually got to get out and walk around in a rural area among some dwellings. There were fruit trees everywhere and a beautiful view of mountains close by. They showed us a very sub-par church on the top of a steep hill and then the site where they’ve been given some land and want to build a new church. There are lots of Adventists in the area that need a church to go to. I took tons of pictures and I’d like to invite churches to sponsor them. The facility they’re using now is on the verge of crumbling and falling down the mountain. And the toilet facilities are- ech- just barbaric. You’d have to see it to know.

Tomorrow we hit the beach!

I have to mention how the meetings are going. We’ve been having over a thousand people attend each night. Tonight was definitely less in attendance. It might have been the rain. Last night Pedrito talked about the Sabbath. A large group decided they wanted to keep Sabbath, including a thirteen-year-old girl I’ve made friends with. I was so proud to see her up there. In Pedrito’s pictures, she’s the girl wearing a pink skirt Friday night. She wasn’t there tonight, so I hope everything’s ok.

I wish I could just comment on every picture on Pedrito’s site now, because so many of them have a little story to go with them. I usually take pictures with a purpose.

Today our van got rear-ended. It’s got significant damage, but no one was seriously injured and it’s still drivable. I wasn’t in it when it happened because I decided to go to a different church.

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